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Welcome to Simply Timers, the one-stop shop for free online timers for every occasion! Whether you're looking for a timer with a specific duration or just need a quick and easy way to time an event, we've got you covered. With a wide variety of durations to choose from and the option to customize your own timer, you'll be able to find exactly what you need. Plus, our user-friendly interface makes it easy to use our timers for any activity. So why wait? Visit Simply Timers today and start timing your events with ease!

And if you're looking for videos, we also have a YouTube channel with hundreds of timer videos.

Recent Additions

LCD Timer: Neon Green Mono 91-XC Font

Neon green LCD countdown timer on a black background

Cartoon Easter Eggs

Fun Easter themed countdown timer with watercolor egg background

Easter Eggs Rainbow

Easter themed timer with a dozen eggs in a rainbow pattern

Digital Clock Timer: Black

Black digital countdown timer on a white background

Digital Clock Timer: White

Digital White Countdown Timer on a Black Background

Digital Clock Timer: Green

Digital clock timer with a green LCD font

Timer Categories

Looking for an online timer for a specific season or theme. Here you'll find them separated out by category so that you can find the perfect timer for your needs.


Basic, simple timers

Classroom Timers

Fun, free classroom timers that your students are bound to love


Timers that look like they came from a computer screen

Geometric Backgrounds

Timers with a geometric patterned background

Holiday Timers

Timers to get you in the holiday mood


Bright and vibrant timer backgrounds


Colorful pattern backgrounds